1. In addition to overall (open) prizes, participants will only be eligible for an age category prize in the age category they enter. Corresponding numerical age category tags must be worn on the front and back of their vest (this includes juniors). Master athletes (over 40) may enter the age category corresponding to their chronological age or any younger

category down to senior (ASA rule 12).

2. Temporary licensed participants are eligible for age category prizes provided they enter the relevant age group, wear the appropriate age tags and provide proof of age (ASA

rule 14.4).

3. Age category tags must be a minimum of 6cm high red lettering on a white background and worn to be visible throughout the race to officials and other athletes, on the front and

back of the upper body clothing (ASA rule 12.13).

4. If the race organiser issues a race bib (number) it must be worn on the front of the vest, with a permanent or temporary licence on the back. (ASA rule 14.3)

5. Licence numbers and race bibs must be worn as issued and may not be cut, folded or worn in any way to obscure the lettering (IAAF rule 143.8).

6. Juniors are defined as being born in 1999 or later, 19 and younger on 31 December in the year of competition. Master athletes change age categories on their birthday. Proof of age may be requested before awarding age category prizes (ASA rule 12).

7. Except with specific parental permission, entries will not be accepted from athletes below the specified minimum age for the distance involved, 5km – 9 years and older,10km – 14 years and older. In any event, prize money will not be awarded to athletes who are below the minimum age.

8. Participants in wheelchairs are welcome, as is participation with prams or strollers, by prior arrangement with the organisers and subject to approval by the relevant authorities (ASA rule 20.4).

9. Club colours are optional but full club colours (correct vest and shorts) must be worn to qualify for team prizes (ASA rule 14.1).

10. Personal sponsorship may appear on the front of the vest provided it does not exceed 40cm2 in size and subject to the IAAF advertising regulations (ASA rule 14.1).

11. In all events, athletes must wear clothing which is clean and designed and worn so as not to be objectionable. The torso must always be covered (IAAF advertising regulations).

12. Foreign athletes must comply with IAAF rule 4.2, and if required, should be able to produce a letter from their federation permitting their participation (IAAF rule 4.2).

13. The use of music players with headphones is not allowed and may result in disqualification.

14. No personal seconding is permitted except at official refreshment stations. The stand and hand rule shall always apply and seconds may not run beside an athlete. Seconding may not be conducted directly from a vehicle – whether moving or stationary (ASA rule 20.2).

15. Any athlete accused of irresponsibly disposing of litter may be subject to disciplinary action.

16. The race is run according to the rules of ASA and WPA.

17. Time limit: all runners need to be in by 11:30am.

18. Prize giving will take place at 10:20 on the Coke gig rig.

19. Do not litter. Dispose of sachets and cups responsibly by using the boxes provided or carrying them to the finish. Report offenders to the referees. #RunClean.

20. Detailed rules are available on www.wpa.org.za or on request from the organisers or the WPA office.

21. All traffic officers, marshalls, referees and other officials involved with the event must be obeyed.

22. A participant shall withdraw if instructed to do so by the appointed medical staff (IAAF rule 144).

23. Participants take part at their own risk. The organisers, sponsors, WPA, venue owners and local authorities accept no responsibility for loss, injury or accident resulting from participation in the event.

24. Tog bag storage is at the runners’ own risk. Do not leave valuables in bags.

25. No participant may run with dogs or other animals (ASA rule 20.4).

26. When chip timing is used, any athlete not wearing a chip may be excluded from prizes and results.

27. Participants must be present at prize-giving to be eligible for lucky draw prizes.

28. In the event that any prize category results are not announced or made available at the official prize-giving, such results will be posted on the event website and circulated through the usual WPA club channels. In keeping with ASA rule 15 (IAAF rule 146), individuals and clubs shall be given 7 days to raise any appeal in writing to the organisers,

whereafter the published results shall be deemed final, notwithstanding any inaccuracies that may be identified at a later stage.

29. The display of legitimate national flags during an event shall be permitted provided they do not present a safety risk or interfere with any other athlete or the presentation of the event. Under no circumstances will any slogans, chants, banners, placards or such-like of a political, religious or offensive nature be tolerated (IAAF advertising regulations).

In addition, race organisers may stipulate race-specific rules or instructions, which must be followed.